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Introduction: Dremel Art Carving

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Hello and welcome to my very first Instructable! Today I will show you how to make beautiful wood carving art works and will give you some tips.



Any type of wood Ex, cupboard door

Wood Stain/Finish


First you need to find a board of any sort. For example I used a old cupboard door but I've even used plywood that I had just spray painted.

Step 1: Board and Image

First you need to find a board of any sort. For example I used an old cupboard door, butt you can use anything. Find the measurements of the area that you would like to carve on, it makes it easy to get your image to fit nicely. Find a image by searching clip art pictures, scroll saw patterns, or even tattoos use google search tools and choose 'color' then 'black and white'. I found a nice pattern of a hawk. Use an image editor like Gimp to make the picture the right size for the area then print it out.

Step 2: Pattern

Start by cutting out the pattern roughly and leaving about a centimetre around the pattern. Position the pattern so that it is centered and looks nice. Then put strips of tape around the edges without covering the pattern. I used painters tape but you can use any type of tape you want, butt I find painters tape the best.

Step 3: Work Station and Bits

Make sure when your working you have a comfortable place to work because art carving takes a lot of time and patience. When choosing you bits look at your art work and decide what bit will work best. Different woods need different bits so always test your bit on the wood first. Rectangular bits are good for sharp edges and long curves. Round bits are good for tight curves and small spaces. I usually use round bits.

Step 4: How to Start

When you are carving with a pattern you have to start in the middle of your pattern or else your paper will become to flimsy and fall off. Carve the outlines of all the sections then worry about the empty sections later.

Step 5: Last Carving

Your finished product is really up to you. I choose to leave all the sections empty and just keep the outlines. If you are not happy with the way your outlines came out you can always carve out all the sections like I did on the feet. For carving out complete sections I recommend a round bit or a stone polish bit.

Step 6: Finishing

To truly finish off your product you need some wood finish. I chose a dark finish because the background was already light and it helps the image stand out. I had used some shop towel and just rubbed it on and quickly wiped it off with a clean towel.

Step 7: Examples

Here are some examples of some art pieces. You can make anything from scenes to sayings. I have tons of art pieces and I wish I could share them all but thats all for today I hope you learned a lot. Thank You!



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    10 Discussions

    To put the design on you can also use, carbon paper. The design ends of coming out with more defined lines. This creates less need to stain as you can see the design better. Unless you want stain, then go for it!

    I carve in plywood as my medium of choice very easy tp carve the glue dosnt gum up the dremel but I use Carbide burrs. I dont use patterns tho I hand sketch all the artwork directly onto the Ply.


    2 years ago

    I'm wondering if there is some way to carve at the same time as you cut the stencil..? Would probably have to glue it down so that edges don't rip and you keep the image sharp...I think i would try using a spritz of spray starch or even hairdpray...bc actual glue might gum up the dremel. I'm thinking that starch or hairspray are very light and can be wiped off easily...I'm just spitballin an idea...Thank you for your post. I learned a lot and have some great ideas..
    . Thanks,
    . Erin

    When copying a pattern does it matter what type of paper i use.


    3 years ago

    thats cool! i have some plywood i will try this on. i think the different layers of the ply could make some interesting contrast. though the glue becomes an issue.

    1 reply

    I didn't find the glue a problem but I try to just scratch the paint off and not carve to deep.

    I dig your workstation setup. It looks like the sort of place where you could lose track of time.

    1 reply

    Thanks! Yes I miss so many dinner's and supper's working there.

    Yes. I carve on all sorts of my projects like a rough rider logo on a beer mug.

    Very well done. I enjoyed your instructable and plan on trying this out on my next woodworking project.