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Introduction: Dremel Belt Sander Attachment

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I made a small sander attachment to be used with my dremel rotary tools.

Sander can be mounted to my diy dremel lathe, or it can be used without it.

Its light weighted and easy to take outside, i like to work outside in the summer, so good mobility is a bonus.

With cordless dremel it really is very mobile.

Step 1: Frame

Structure is very simple

I used 3mm steel plate as a material, it can be made from l-profile bar too, for example.

I just like to re-use scrap... that 3mm plate was only what i found.

I used wheels and bearings from the skateboard, some nuts and bolts.

This one was very cheap, because those nuts and bolts we're the only things i needed to buy.

Step 2: Tightening.. Mounting..

For mounting the dremel and tightening the belt i made a simple part from the polycarbonate.

I took the thread part from the dremel shaping platform attachment, you can take it nearly any dremel attachment if you have one spare.

Video in the last step shows the process.

Step 3: Guide.. Assembly

To keep the belt straight i made a simple tilting mechanism from the steelplate and bolts.

In the steelplate is M8 thread in the middle and M6 threads in the sides, bolt that works as an axle for the upper wheel is placed in the middle of the plate. Plate and side bolts are in the same line with the belt. Tightening or loosening smaller bolts tilts the upper wheel, what guides the belt from side or another. With simple adjusting you can get the belt go straight.

As a drive wheel i mounted the dremel drum sander to the rotaty tool, tightened it to barrel shape. It works very well in that task.

I was suprised how powerfull it is, it was supposed to be for making small things, jewelry etc.. but i have used it with biger tasks too, with no problems.

Video shows more.

Step 4:



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    This is amazing! It'd cost and arm and a leg to get a belt sander on my budget...that's if I even found one. I'm definitely going to be making this. Do you have any more detailed measurements and pictures of the various steel plate parts?

    Hermoso muchas felicidades saludos.


    1 year ago

    The tracking adjustment is a nice and essential feature. Nice project.

    I would like more information on to make this if you are willing to help explain. Can we talk private?

    1 reply

    Hi. You can send me mail to Ttsoikkeli@gmail.com I tried to send you a message, but it doesn't seem to work...

    Buena herramienta, eres un manita.Felicidades.


    1 year ago


    This is amazing, I was literally thinking about making one of these last week using the same techniques!

    1 reply

    Thanks. Yep, that's sometimes amazing how two persons think in the same way, in the other sides of the world.

    Looks like an amazing tool that'll make Knife ownership and maintenance easier .

    I was wondering if I could use my Dremel to drive a belt sander. Thank you for the awesome video showing how you did it! Also, thanks for showing how you re-purposed scrap material. I would do the same thing :-)

    1 reply

    Versatile tool gets better. Very neat craftsmanship. Looks very professional.

    1 reply

    1 year ago


    I can use one of these.

    But I am not sure that the Dremel shaft will last under the tension.

    It will not carry all the stress long.

    Please correct me if I am wrong!

    2 replies

    I have used mine for a 8 months now, i use it also with my lathe and haven't notkced any problems. Belt doesn't need to be very tight, sanding drum is made from rubber and has enough friction.. So it doesn't "bend" the shaft very much. I think it stresses the dremel as much or less than routing or cutting with the spiral cutting bits does.

    Hello there,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Seems like I have underestimated the Mighty Dremel.

    Will build one A.S.A.P.