Dremel Cork Sanding Bands/drums





Introduction: Dremel Cork Sanding Bands/drums

--Watch the video above for all the steps / Veja o video acima para todos os passos--

How to do easy and any size Cork Dremel sanding bands / drum sander, wood glue and plastic tube (diy homemade rotary tool)

Como fazer "discos /bandas" caseiros para multi tool feitos com rolha de cortiça, lixa, tubo plástico e cola para madeira

Step 1:

Cut the sanding paper in 2 cms strips

Cortar a lixa em tiras de 2 cms

Step 2:

Wrap the adesive papper tape around the plastic tube

Enrolar a fita de pintor á volta do tubo de plastico

Step 3:

Put the wood glue on the strips and wrapped around the plastic tube, use some paper tape to fixed in place whiule it dry.

Meter a cola para madeira nas tiras de lixa e enrolar á volta do tubo, usar um pouco de fita para a lixa ficar no lugar enquanto seca

Step 4:

After a few hours the glue its dry and you can cut it in smaller pieces

Depois de a cola secar pode cortar em peças mais pequenas

Step 5:

Cut a wine cork, put it in the dremel and grind the excess until it was the same diameter of the plastic tube.

Corte uma rolha e usando o dremel vá lixando ate ter o mesmo diametro do tubo.

Step 6:

And its done !! you can use diferent diameters and different grids

E pronto !! pode usar diferentes diametros e diferentes graos de lixa.



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    I would have never thought anything like it

    Great idea

    Very brilliant idea!

    This should be listed with the Build A Tool contest. Definitely a worthy entry.

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    Smart! Have to try this.

    This is the best Instructable ever on making sanding sleeves, one even gets to drink some wine so as to have a cork for the project too! ☺

    1 reply