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Introduction: Dremel Flex Shaft Hanger

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This is actually a part that I designed a while ago. I use this almost everyday and wanted to share it with you. This is the simplest thing, but I could not find anyone that was selling it. I like to keep my dremel flex hose attached all the time, but I did not want it just hanging there flopping around on my bench all of the time. So I designed this using google sketch-up. I am not a great designer when it comes to 3d printed parts, but to my surprise this one actually turned out great.

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Step 1: My Setup

I use the Dremel Bench press, it has a hanger on the top to hang the Dremel tool from. I leave one Dremel hanging there with the flex shaft attachment hooked on it. Then I also have another one hooked into the drill press. I also use the key-less chuck on the flex shaft. In order to leave the flex shaft hooked up I needed to make a way of hanging it up and out of the way. The icing on the cake is the pedal control. The Dremel is a highly versatile tool, but it is a pain to reach up and turn it on and off all of the time. So I bought this pedal control, all you do is plug the Dremel into the pedal and then plug that into the wall. Works amazing.

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Step 2: Design

Google Sketchup

I know that there is probably better software out there to design 3d parts, but this is the one that I used at the time to create this one. If I were to create this today I would use Autodesk 123d or Fusion 360.


In order to make sure that this stl file would print properly I repaired it in a program called netfabb. At one time this program was free. It has since been sold and I have not used it in its current iteration. I am not sure if there is a free version anymore.

Step 3: Print the Part

My 3d printer is a off-brand makerbot replicator 2 that I purchased off of ebay. It works well and I use it anytime that I want to print something in ABS. I used 3 outside layers and I set the infill at 15%. I have Included the STL file so you can print it if you like. I have also included the original SKB file so that you can edit it if you would like.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out. Have a Great Day

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