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We have been using our Dremel for more and more applications, but have been frustrated on many occasions because we couldn't find the accessory we needed. Steph decided once and for all she was going to get all the accessories organized in a way to make them visible and accessible. I found a reproduction printer's tray from a yard sale, for next to nothing, a few months ago. Steph has been trying to think up a project for it and she found it with this!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools


  • Printer's Tray (Yard Sale)
  • Acrylic sheet (Home Depot)
  • Wood Dowels (Home Depot)
  • Gorilla Glue (Home Depot)
  • French cleat (Home Depot)
  • Sticky back felt


  • Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool (Home Depot)
  • Husky Dimond Tip Screwdriver Set (Home Depot)
  • Milwakee Penlight (Home Depot)
  • Milwakee Inkzall Marker (Home Depot)
  • Makita Drill and Drill bit (Home Depot)
  • Dremel Accessories

Step 2: Detach Old Hardware and Secure Box

Step 3: Cut Plexiglass

To keep everything in place, we used a sheet of plexiglass to cover the front. We measured and cut it to size.

This knife is designed especially for cutting plastic. You score the marked line several times then you place the scored line over a straight edge and hope that it will break cleanly! Yay, this one did.

Step 4: Glue Dowels and Handle in Place

Step 5: Secure Plexiglass and Attach Box to Wall

We drilled pilot holes into the sides and then screwed small pieces of wood to each side to act as holders for the plastic front.

We used a French cleat to attach the storage to the wall. The wall part of a French cleat was added to the wall and the other part was glued to the back of the storage box.

Step 6: Fill With Accessories

Everything now has a place. To use, the small wood hinges are rotated out of the way and the plastic front lifted out of place. We left room for any new accessories we might get.

The dowels keep some of the larger attachments in place so they lay flat when the front is attached.

For more detail and links to the products we used, visit MotherDaughterProjects.com!

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    1 year ago

    nice and simple and a way to reuse my old wooden cutlery drawer insert!

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Love it a great idea, i have loads of Dremel bits and pieces as well and mine are all together on a small box shelf i made, this is so much better and more room. My only problem is that french cleat glued on the back?, couldn't you put a few screws through in to a wood piece at the front? i think that along with the glue would do for me. Still a great project and i just might pinch the way the wood pieces are, for my own Dremel stuff. Well Done.

    1 reply
    DIY for HomeownersBarry6470

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! Glad you like it. Yes, you could for sure drill the French cleat into the wood for more support.