Dremel Build Night at MakeICT




In late July of 2014 MakeICT had it's first Dremel build night workshop. We combined the Dremel training with some good old fashioned how to build techniques. Tom conducted the workshop. It wasn't a big turnout but the word got around and later on several members tried their hand at it and had fun learning a few neat tricks.

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Step 1: Different Materials

Later on Sean did a little engraving. An old tarnished piece of brass can look pretty cool when you carve a name in it. We used a ball end mill bit and it gives good control of the tool when carving. And any type of clear plastic can make the text look kind of like it's floating in space. The "V" bit used here allows a deep cut into the plastic but you have to be careful not to let it melt the plastic and gum up the bit.

Step 2: Light It Up

The fun part of engraving clear plastics is putting a light behind it. Very impressive :-)

Step 3: Buff It Up

Jess discovers the wire wheel does a pretty good job taking the rust off some parts of her good ol bike.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I use my dremel with a wire wheel all the time. It's one of my favorite uses for it. Very handy!