Dressers in a Closet?!




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Intro: Dressers in a Closet?!

Dressers in a closet? Yes, with a shelf on top. We've crammed two large dressers in our bedroom closet with plenty of more room!

Step 1: Yes, They Close.

Yes, the doors do close. They slide shut smoothly and if you like you can add a lock.

Step 2: Drawers.

Now, I suppose it depends on the amount of belongings you have, but I have just the right amount. It holds my clothes, a few items and has plenty of room to spare.

Step 3: Shelf.

We installed a shelf which stores a plentiful of possessions.

Step 4: Top.

The top of the dresser is also a major storage component. Be sure to keep it tidy looking though.



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    1 year ago

    By all means do it, even take the doors off if possible to gain some more usable space.

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