Introduction: Dressing

Hi, my sister an I made this wonderful dressing and we wanted to share it ! Enjoy !

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Step 1: Choose the Place Where You Want to Build It

Chose the place where you want to build it. ( here, between the chimney and the wall in my sister's bedroom )

Step 2: Take an Old Curtain Rod

Step 3: On Your Rod, Draw Little Dots Every 1 Inch

Step 4: With Your Smallest Drill, Make Little Holes on the Dots

Step 5: Gently Hammer Nails Into the Holes

You can skip the previous step if you can manage to hammer nails properly...

Step 6: Make Pilot Holes in You Ceiling

Step 7: Screw Your Rod Inside the Pilot Holes

Step 8: TADA

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    5 years ago

    Thanks man ;)