Mrs Gulch With Toto (Wizard of OZ)

      This is a costume for a 18 to 24month old. It could be enlarge for any size ,however.
 To begin, draw out and enlarge the pattern pieces to your desired size.
     If you want to make the jacket as shown , cut out two sets of pattern pieces as one set will be for the lining.
 Sew all the pieces together as shown pinning it to your figure for a flattering fitted look. Do exactly the same for the lining fabric. You want the lining to exactly match the jacket.
    After the jacket pieces and lining pieces are assembled, sew them right sides of the fabric together.  Then turn the jacket right side out and press all the seams.Now you can add on the sleeves.    You can make tight fitted sleeves as shown or make a fuller sleeve with a bit of a poof at the shoulder. The jacket shown has a cap over the top of the sleeve.
    I used elastic loops and buttons to close up the front of the jacket. up the ,but button holes and buttons would work well ,also.
   If you want an adjustable fit, sew loops up the side seams and use ribbon or cord for a corsetted back.I did this so that the jacket could be fitted as our toddler grew.
     The skirt is a wide straight skirt that I gathered at the top and sewed a 2 in wide piece of elastic for a waistband. The bottom of the skirt has 3 inch long pleats,
You can pair the jacket up with a ruffled top and vest as shown for a victorian/ steampunk flare.
   For a Gulch costume , I purchased a felt hat that I cut down to fit a toddler. I glued the smaller hat pieces back together and glued on a rose that I spray painted black.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I bought this pattern and made the entire outfit in the same fabric and same colour. It looked great, I loved this pattern and plan on making more outfits with it.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I know you can't tell from the picture ,but this outfit fits my 18mo old granddaughter. My children are all grown and now I downsize patterns for my granddaughter.