Dried Plums Guess

Introduction: Dried Plums Guess

Who does not like to guess? He did not anticipate that in the face of English in the world, I believe that rare. Our guess is a special element to the meal. If you do not taste the flavors of curry with rice for more than four will put the stomach is amcarera pair. The English mother, sister, wife, girls! What I can say! I guess this post will come to see the many faces of the water! Made a lot of sense that the position of our country.

Our country has become big business sense. How big entrepreneur groups are now made sense and filled our door, wave packet! They burn our house now and ready-made sense because it is not hard to guess the make! Yeah, a lot of spices are a lot of amcare, fairly hard work, hard work is. Today I'll show you a simple and fun to make sense (ha-ha-ha, my head is still so much brains. I have made sense at the battery, I was as an assistant).

Let's see. Sweet plum sense. In fact, I can not say anything jibe water!

Upakaranah - Dried plums (400 g, at least to begin with courage will increase) - Salt (a spoon, the less well meant, if he will be given) - Red chilli powder (see, hear, sense quite like children) - Sugar (depending on how sour plums and on how sweet you want) - Water (as amount)

Method of

Soak in water for 3/4 hour, washed well and dried plums. It is better if soaked all night! Dried plums of the skin will be quite smooth.

Now a harite two cups of water (it's on your desires, will depend on how galabena water) to take the plums. With the stove on the first day of salt (salt less than initially meant well, if he can be).

The amount of red chilli powder (brdba / children less clear in keeping the pepper) days.

The fire is burning on the stove, you will occasionally come to see and rocked.

Plums are soft (you could melt through the spud, leaving some whole day, take a good look) is. Let the sugar. Do not let sugar before, it may take a pot. Volume of sugar at the hearing.

And do not go after sugar kothayo, wooden spud on the move, or Patil would take the floor.

Such a state will come right. With a little more taste, the taste is like, just make sure. Salt, sugar but not let it hit him.

Pour into bowl quota. Ready to serve. (Photo taken with flash)

I'm not sure if you can not say the same sense. See how simple and yet almost everything at hand. Should not be any problem to get plums, dried plum market is now available to buy in stores.

I went to an event at the end, two plum trees in our village. A sweet sour. Full of plum trees are used to fade. When you leave the house in the village, eating raw ripe plums mean we can not say at the time what would be the situation! My grandfather, dried plum powder with sugar made a ladu, I still can not forget the taste. My mother says I know you know this recipe, it is the desire to learn. But the plum powder or a threshing-floor pub where you sang?

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