Drill Always in a Center


I and my friend made extra tool for drilling holes in the middle

Stuff you will need

  • Bearing
  • Wood
  • Cylinder shaped wood
  • Drill
  • Magnets

Step 1: Get the Cheap Bearings

Disassemble the hard drive to get bearings

Step 2: Cut the Small Peace of Wood

Step 3:

As you see in the video, you will need to cut the peace of wood, than,

drill in the middle, with 13 mm Diameter hole.

Push the Bearing in the hole

Drill 6 mm Diameter holes, for cylinder wood. for both sides and pull it inside

Drill 5 mm, than put the magnets inside and its ready, now you have tool that helps you to make holes in the middle and hold you bits.



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    2 years ago

    really useful!