Drill Bit Organizer

drill bit organizer to organize you drill bit so that you can search drill bit faster then look out searching for it

Step 1: In This Step You Need a Stainless Steel Chocolate Box and Two Card Board Pad of Equal Length

you first need a chocolate box made of stainless steel which is readly available most of the time.

next thing is to cut two card boad pad of same size.

the width of the pad should be 10 mm smaller then the dimention of the hollow space of the box

Step 2: Dimention of the Cardboard Pad

Step 3: Glue on Pad on Top of Another Using Glue As Shown Above

Step 4: This Is the Side View of a Pad One on Top of Another

Step 5: This Is How a Complete Pad Looks Like

Step 6: Drill Holes on the Top Pad to Fix You Drill Bit and Collet in It

Step 7: Know Safely Place the Bended Pad Inside the Stainless Steel Box



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