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I always wanted to arrange my drill bits in a perfect position .

So i decided to build  some practical stand


Step 1: Buy Drill Bits

I don`t like the way it looks now ,  it`s just a box for me , and i want to modify it

Step 2: Cutting Aluminum Angles

I bought 1 long aluminum T angle

Cut it according to the size of the future to be drill bit set

Step 3: Drill the Aluminum Angle

Drill it so the screws could be attached to the other angle

Step 4: Angle Ready , Now Disassemble and Start Drilling Holes

Step 5: Drilling Time!

This was definattly the hardest part .

In order for each drill to fit perfectly to the stand . i had to work in the next order:

1. Take biggest drill bit , insert to drill and drill the aluminum. - one hole ready.
2. Disassemble previous drill from step one and insert next drill in set , drill the aluminum .. and so fort ...

 Overall , one set of 25 Drills took my more than hour and a half...


Step 6: Drilling #1

Step 7: Drilling #2

Step 8: Drilling #3

Step 9: Drilling #4

Step 10: Drilling #5

Step 11: Drilling #6

Step 12: Drilling #7

Step 13: Sanding Holes

Sand and remove sharp edges via the Dremel Tool

Step 14: Repeat Step 1 -12 With Other Drill Sets

I finished with the new set.

Beside him, i had a few other older Drill bits . and i would not neglect them....

So i built one for them also

Step 15: Final Steps

Step 16: Finished !



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Please share where you got the aluminum. Not everyone knows where to source that. You could also label the sizes with a P Touch (if you're someone who needs to know the exact size of each). But I love this project and want to steal it for my shop.

    4 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Well , you can buy aluminum angle at next places , depends on the place you live.




    You can open GOOGLE and search for other places if you want..

    What is P Touch?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love the idea, this will work perfect for my "T" handle nut drivers and allens


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good organiser. I made wooden blocks with doweled legs to hold my bits and others for Allens.

    Looks good but I would recommend the use of a centre punch for the hole locations and perhaps drilling pilot holes too, drill all the holes with the smallest bit (use a larger bit later) and then enlarge. Drilling with the two parts clamped together (before assembly) would also make it easier to support the material but maintain the alignment.

    2 replies


    "Drilling with the two parts clamped together " - you are correct but too bad that i thought about it only after i finished drilling the first part.

    since i used a designated drill bit for Metal , there was no problem of drilling threw the metal . so that`s why i don`t need to drill with a small bit and then move over to a bigger one.

    You are correct , it would be easier drilling , but it would take much longer to finish it

    thanks for all

    You don't use a smaller bit because it might be difficult to drill through but because typically a drill will wander some percentage of its diameter when you drill, so a smaller bit wanders less and helps control the position of the larger bit (as well as helping a little as the centre of the drill does not cut well). You would drill all the pilot holes in one go so it would not take too much longer to do.

    Not meaning to criticize just giving some ideas to the people who will give this a go.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I really like your finished product. I am new but enjoy learning. This stand is efficient at a workbench.
    1. How can I bend the flat aluminum into a right angle?
    2. Is there a different name for the metal you used?
    3. Did cutting the holes cause your drill bits to become dull?
    4. What can I do to keep my drill bits from becoming damaged?

    Thank you!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction


    1.you don`t need to bend the aluminum , it came like this from the factory .
    all you need to do is search for a place to buy one - please look at the comment i left to "ghaines1 " - i wrote where you can buy one

    2. as far as i know it is called an aluminum angles... or Metal angles..
    3. not at all . the drilling was made with a designated drill bit for metal . that way you wont ruin the drill bit

    4. to main thing to do is make sure to drill with the proper drill bits.

    If you drill in concrete then use a designated drill bit designed for hard walls - that way you wont " burn " " kill " the drill bit

    good luck!