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Introduction: Drill Bit Tower

If you are like me you like a shop where everything is in a specific place. Not only does it look nice but it make tools easier to find.

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Step 1: Material

For years I would constantly have to search through bit case after bit case looking for that specific size bit. So I decided to make a container for all my bits.

I just had picked up a new pallet, so I tore it apart and started making what I needed.

Although I have a large shop, I still struggle with lack of space. Specifically on bench tops.

With that in mind I decided to build a tower versus a tray. It needed to be small enough to fit next to my drill press on what I call my tool island. I have eight power tools mounted on a stand made out of pallets and a 3/4" plywood top.

Step 2: Construct Base

There really is not too much involved. I used the wood spacers from the pallet as a base in a "T" arrangement. This provided some additional weight in the bottom and made the tower less tipsy. I then cut 2 sides and a back out of the narrow lumber 3 1/2" wide. I am tall so I made my tower where the top bin is just at eye level.

Step 3: Shelves

After the three sides are complete it is a matter of cutting some shelves. I angled the shelves about 15 degrees. Also make sure they extend out from the sides about 1/2 ".

This makes it easier to pick out a bit and provides more support for longer bits.

I ended up with 10 usable bins.

Step 4: Sorting Bits

By sorting the bits into individual bins of approximately the same size you end up with an easy to find selection of bits. I ended up with 14 empty drill bit cases. All in all there were over 250 bits sorted into the 10 bins.

Step 5: Put to Use.

Here is the final tower installed next to the drill press which it supports. I installed several hooks on either sides to hold other accessories like drill press vises, bit gauges and anything else related to drilling.

All this storage space and versatility in less than a square foot of space!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, and execution. I am struggling to make any kind of order out of my late husband's wood shop in the garage - he passed away before he could ever create his own shop from his grandad's and dad's hand-me-down tools. I would be interested to see your tool island. Do you have a blog where you show it, I'm hoping?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Time saver for finding drill bits in the shop.