Drill Bits Organizer


Introduction: Drill Bits Organizer

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Hello My Fellow Instructables.

Do You Hate Having To Look For Your Drill Bits .....  I Do.

So I Make One Of This..... A Drill Bit Organizer

Now All My Bits Are In One Place. And in Size Order.

You Will Need 3 PCs of Wood. Or More .... Drill them Using  Different Size Drill Bits. Or As Many as You may  need.

Then Glue the Wood Together Making Steps. Put The Bigger Drill Bits On Top. And The Smaller ones On the Bottom.

If I Buy more Drill Bits I just Add Another Step... or Two.....

Now Go And Make Something.



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    I made this for my work space and love it! I had all of the drill bits in a Tupperware container but not anymore. So much easier to find th right size now! Thank you so much for this post

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    Very nice, I need to make one. Thanks for sharing!

    There are some bits I have stored in cardboard boxes that I am not fond of sifting through. I might just have to address that someday here.

    Good work, although I have an advice: I did something similar, but some weeks after I discovered that I was little provident, because when I bought another drill bits, I had not enough place to allocate them. Moral: always you must reserve additional places.

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    yes i know that is why i build it looking like a set of steps if i need more room
    i just add another step. tnx