Drill Coolant System




Introduction: Drill Coolant System

I made this to protect drill against overheating, during drilling thick sheet of metal.

Step 1: What You'll Need

  1. This Mini pump
  2. Hose
  3. Wires
  4. Jar with cap
  5. Cable (USB)
  6. Switch

Step 2: First Assembly

I built it like this: Added hoses to input and output on pump, made hole into cap with screwdriver, put input hose through and glued pump on cup. Then I connected pump to switch and power supply (USB cable), I used USB cable because I want to power it from powerbank.

I thought it might be great solution, but when I try it, it didn't work. This pump isn't so powerful to pump water so high from jar.

Step 3: Final Assembly

So, when I found out, the first assembly didn't work, I removed hose what I glued on input pump before.

Because of, when I removing glue, out of pump with switch, I broke the switch, so I had to changed switch. So I made one more hole into cap for the switch.

Then I glued switch into hole and put pump into jar, directly into water. Output hose put out of jar through hole in cap.

Step 4: Makeing Ghooseneck

I choose about 30cm long hose like output. To make ghooseneck I needed one piece (20-30 cm) of wire about 2mm and piece (100cm) of 0.5mm. I layed thinner wire along hose and wreathe around with slimmer wire.

Step 5: Stand

Then I simply add piece of wood like a stand, so now I can lay it next to drill and set using gooseneck needed direction.

Step 6: How It Works

I have to turn it on and off to avoid big flood when I drilling. It would be good add some type of regulator, to control flow water, like an infusion regulator for example. Maybe add some type of jet on end of the hose for aerosol.

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