Drill Hole Protector

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Step 1: Idea

Even though I am just thirteen my dad died when I was five so I am always having to do odd jobs around the house. I have a large amount of tools which belonged to my dad. I keep having trouble where when I drill through some wood there is a circle where the drill bit has gone through and the silver bit that attaches the drill bit to the drill.

Step 2: The Parts

You will need - a cordless drill - a drill bit - and an old golf ball

Step 3: Assembly

Find an old golf ball and cut it in half. Then remove the outer shell. The problem with this design is that you need a different bit of golf ball for each drill bit you use (you only really need one for the smaller drill bits) use the drill bit you need to. Then place the part over the end. And your done :)



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    9 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Good idea I never thought of that I'll post an adjustment


    5 years ago

    I'd suggest a tennis ball cut up. You can just slit the rubber for a more one size fits all bits. The felt won't mar some surfaces like the plastic of a golf ball.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Smart idea kid, and free except for the elbow grease if you have golf balls laying around. Drill bit depth stops (metal circles that tighten around a bit) can be useful in those situations too, and only cost about $3 bucks at harbor freight.