Drill Machine Life Hacks




Introduction: Drill Machine Life Hacks

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Step 1: HACK 1


For more Drill Hacks, watch the video:



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    I'm going to start by saying sorry if I come across rude I do not mean to. But I simply hate Instructables that are basically links to YouTube. There are able's that are of no interest to me. Some I do not always fully understand. And even a few where I have thought, what's the point of making and Instructable about that? However they are clear instructions, good documentary, and imagery. And I may have voted for them in a competition, either because of the information shared is well thought out, and documented. And or it gave me information on a subject I had never considered. This is simply links you you videos with a few images. Yes videos can add information or clarification. But and Instructable should not be just links.