Drill Powered Citrus Juicer

Introduction: Drill Powered Citrus Juicer

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The Drill Powered Citrus Juicer is a great value and can pump out many ounces of fresh squeezed juice in around a minute and with different sizes of cones so you can fit large and small citrus inside and get the maximum amount of juice and pulp.

Materials Needed:

Drill: wired or battery powered

Drill Press Stand.

Recycled components:Juice cups, Cones, Pulp regulators.

PVC connectors, Plastic rods, Drill bits

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Step 1: Drill and Stand

Any Drill

Any Drill Press Stand

Step 2: Connector

Any PVC connector

Step 3: Fruit Cup

Any Fruit Cup

Step 4: Cones

Add any juicing cones for accommodating a large range of fruit sizes.

Step 5: Extras

Add any pulp regulator.

Use a press to fix the stand to the table.

Use the stand for maximum juice extraction with just a light pressing action.

Any plastic rod for fix the cone to the drill bit.

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