Drill Press DIY (edited)




Introduction: Drill Press DIY (edited)

I decided to make this stand for easier drilling. The main reason was, I need a drill hole pcb with 0.8 mm drill and it ''s very easy to broke it, if you doesn't drill straight, but straight holes suits anywhere.
Recommend to see on PC, because include GIFs what doesn't work in app on Android (iOS don't know)

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. Angle grinder or saw
2. Drill
3. File
4. Screw-tap
5. Meter
6. Libela
7. Screw driver
8. Welding machine


1. Aluminium profiles
2. Nuts and bolts
3. Steel string
4. Piece of pipe
5. Wood
6. Metal rods
7. Paint

Step 2: Base

The whole construction is made from aluminum profile.
I just cut 4 same pieces with angle grinder and smoothed it with angle grinder sand disc, drilled holes and made screw-threads in it.
Then I get it together with bolts. So it was square base.

Step 3: Slider

This are sliders, Which are made to be Used in drawers. I first tried epoxy glue, but it was not good when i tried strengh test, It broke. So I decided to use screws for sure. So again drilling holes and makeing screw-thread. But when I put screws in holes, I found out, That they have big head, so I just grinded it easy with angle grinder.

Then I drilled hole on top center of moving piece and add spring, second end of spring attached on top of longer piece, the stand. (This white drill holder is only prototype :D )

Step 4: Stand

The stand is made from two pieces connected together, but it can be made from only one. The reason, why I did it like this is, I simply hadn't longer piece. It's simply connected to base with four bolts and special nuts. You have to pay attention only to that was perfectly straight.

Step 5: Lever and Drill Holder

To make lever you will need three pieces of rod, I used 8mm, one piece of nut and piece of round timber, I used diameter 30mm and length 35mm. You will need also welding machine, I haven't it unfortunately, so my friend did it for me.
There is drilled 5mm hole in center of round timber for bolt m5, then welded rods 120°. And of course nut for tie string. The lever is mounted using a long bolt, screwed in to nut on side of the stand.

As i said, I have not welding machine so this holder made my friend too. It's made from piece of pipe with diameter little bit lower like diameter of drill machine. Pipe was cut lengthwise and added two pieces of sheet of thin with holes, with welding machine. From back side is welded square pipe and piece of sheet to mount it on stand.

Step 6: Details

I added these plastic balls just for look. It's supplied with this inlay, what ensure, that ball will stay on his place. I aslo painted lever with paint in spray

Step 7: Desk

It's just piece of wood. I mounted it with silicone glue.

Step 8: String

The first end of string is attached to round timber of the lever and to base with second end. If you'll spin lever, the string will wrapped around, causing shortening. Drill will closer to desk.

Step 9: Lever Stop

This is long bolt breaded with rubber to protecting balls.

This bolt ensures, that string will not untangled, if you set free the lever, after you pulled down drill.

Lever stop bolt must be moved with drilling stop bolt. If you set drill stop, you must adjust this bolt.

Step 10: Drilling Stop

Thanks to this screw can be set accurately stop drills. I used it when I needed to mill the concrete depth in THIS instructable. Don't forgot to set lever stop too!

Step 11: Incorrect Setting Stops

If you set incorrectly stops, string will untangled like this.

Step 12: FINAL

And this is it, my DIY drill press. Thank you for read this instructable. :)

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Step 13: EDIT: Improved Lever

I had to change axis of lever, because bolt which I used was M5 and if I drilled something hard, bolt become bent.
So I drilled bigger hole into center of lever. I chose 10 mm hole for 10 mm threaded rod.

Like an axis I used 10 cm piece of 10 mm threaded rod. Welded it on sheet 20x80x2 mm with two holes, this piece I mounted on my moving part of drill press instead of bolt. Then I secured a lever using nuts.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nice build, I keep seeing that alloy profile whilst looking for other things and wondering if it would be suitable for something like this, thanks for showing it is.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, here are the videos that I promised

    I'm sorry about quality, but I have not camera stand, so i had to drill and shoot video at once.

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you. I think this profile is suitable to make everything. It's very easy connect it together and they are strong enough. I even made workbench from them.


    3 years ago

    Do you have a video of it in action?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, not yet, I have only these videos, what you can see as a GIF. But if you want, I can record some video in end of this week.