Drill Press Dust Collector



This is a drill press dust collecting jig. It is designed to allow the dust collection port to sit at different heights depending on the placement of the work piece.

Step 1: Scrap

Mark a piece of scrap with 0", 1", 2" and 3" sides surrounding a circle the circumference of a dust collecting hose.

Step 2: Rim

Cut 1.5" strips of wood to surround the backside of the jig. Glue and fasten. These will be used for clamping the dust collection unit in place.

Step 3: Circle

Cut the face of the jig to accommodate the dust collection hose.

Step 4: Connectors

Create a tube assembly that will connect to a dust collection hose and a second hose if the drill press allows.

Step 5: Attach

Attach the assembly to the wood structure.

Step 6: Connect

Clamp in place and connect the main dust collector hose and any auxiliary hoses to the assembly.

Step 7: Complete

The assembly is complete and will collect dust and debris from both the side and under the drill press.



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