Drill Press Sanding Plates





Introduction: Drill Press Sanding Plates

Turn your drill press into a temporary spindle sander with plates.

Step 1: Plate

Trace your drill press table onto a piece of melamine or other piece of wood and find the center.

Step 2: Router

Use a router circle jig to cut the piece to size.

Step 3: Drill

Drill out a hole in the center of the plate to accommodate the spindle sander. This plate fits two different diameter sanders.

Step 4: Plate 2

This plate accommodates 2 smaller spindles.

Step 5: Dust Collection

Hook a vacuum hose up to the bottom of the drill press table.

Step 6: Sand Away



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    3 Discussions

    Great idea with vacuum from below!

    Looks good! One question, though: Why do you need to make a plate to do this? Why not just use the drill press' base as-is?

    1 reply

    The plate allows the bottom of the spindle sander to be recessed so that the full edge of the work piece meets the sanding surface.