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Hi, I recorded this short video about how it is made and I am gonna show you its main features. I'll start disassembling it so you can see inside.

Photo2- This is the adjustable guide that I can block using two carriage bolts to avoid it from turning when tighten the knobs.

Photo3- Removing this screw we can see how this four bolts are holding the drill press to the base, made of MDF.

Photo4- The table is made with an HPL panel, also known as Trespa. It is a compact board made of phenolic resins and wood fibers, it is so strong and durable. Although, you can use plywood instead.


Step 1: Testing

I am gonna make some tests to show you how it works.

Photo1- First thin I have to do is adjust the relative height and then the drill depth. With the bit touching the piece, reset the knob to 0.

Photo2- Select the desired depth, 10mm in my case.

Photo3- And lock it.

Photo4- Adjust the guide and make the drill.

Step 2:

Photo5- I am gonna make now a deeper drill using two clamps to hold the piece to the guide. It is so useful to make large drills safely.

Photo6- Finally, I have also adapted it to use as sanding station with this sanding drums. This way I can easily sand curve parts.

Photo7- And also use it as thickness planner.

Photo8- I'm finishing making the plans and I will let a link here, so you can download them for free.



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    3 years ago

    I tried using a drill press stand for a hand drill (no where as nice looking as the one that you have) and found it to be functional but not overly precise but a hell of a lot better than hand held. I eventually acquired a 16" drill press with a floor stand second hand at a very good price and it is very repeatable and accurate. My handheld drill press jig now collects dust. Your instructable got me thinking about putting a larger table with a fence on my drill press to make it more usable as some pieces I work with can be a might large. For this idea many Thanks.


    3 years ago

    Your drill press is a Stayer SG43? Does anyone happen to know if it's available in the US?

    1 reply
    Paoson WoodworkAlexH18

    Reply 3 years ago


    yes, but any other model could do the job! check out this:



    3 years ago

    Hi, it's great to find this project. I'll love to built one. Do you make all part for this project? thanks

    1 reply
    Paoson Woodworkahmadzaki

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, I bought the drill press and made a base for it: