Drill Speed Controller




Because I made drill press and I am not able to controlling speed of drilling with it, because my drill can arestment only max speed of drilling, I made this little simple box to control speed of drill.
See my instructables where is, how to make this coiled cord which I used in this instructables.
(Coiled cord)

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Step 1: Materials

1. The main part of this project is 220V speed controller which I bought on aliexpress, it cost about 2$.
It can be used like Thermostat, speed controller or to control brightness of bulb.
2. One wall socket.
3. Cable
4. Box or material for box
5. Glue

1Pcs 220V 2000W Speed Controller SCR Voltage Regulator Dimming Dimmers Thermostat Free / Top Sale
(from AliExpress Android)

Step 2: Wiring

Wiring is very simple.
Just connect input cable to input holes, it doesn't matter which cable on which hole.
Wall socket is connected to another two holes.
If you used cable with 3 wires, the yellow-green wire from cable connect directly to socket.

Step 3: Making Box

I made box from plywood squares which I glued together, drilled holes and mounted socket and controller.

Step 4: Finish

Now just connect regulator into electricity and drill (or another tool or light) into this box. And, you can easily control it :)
Video how it works



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    5 Discussions


    8 months ago

    How would you attach a foot controller like from a sewing machine? It has 3 holes, 2 closer together. I know that some foot pedals have an either open or closed position, but then it has to be maintained under pressure, like for a water controller at faucet.


    1 year ago

    Great instruction. I ordered the same,and it is working well. however it is making a noisy sound,when I decreased the power, like ziiiii. When it is on full power,that noise is gone.
    Can you please tell me if yours is making that noise? It is a bit scary.


    2 years ago

    Most of these motors are made to save money, so they're synchronized to mains frequency. These kind of controlers seem to work until the motor is loaded. Speed decreases but torque disappears totally. A real controler must act on the frequency, and of course they're expensive to build.


    2 years ago

    Most of the cheap speed controllers I've seen in Canada, albeit some time ago, state: "For resistive loads only. Not for inductive loads such as electric motors."

    I guess the newer controllers have overcome that shortcoming. Nice work!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Just search ebay or amazon for "motor speed controller" to find what looks like an identical unit.