Drill Press Vise




Introduction: Drill Press Vise

In the second picture you can see reason, why I made this holder. Few days ago I used my drill press and I did not use pincers. Piece of metal stuck on drill and he did this, with my hand. And I was lucky, that it wasn't sharp.

Step 1: Cutting Material

For this project I'll use (as most of my projects) 80mm wide aluminium profiles, I like them. Main long piece, placed on the top is about 45 cm long, it depend on size of your table. So after you cut this piece you'll need three pieces about 10 cm, cut them.

Tip for straight cutting with angle grinder, See my instructable

Step 2: Materials

  1. piece of threaded rod. I used M10 cca 25cm
  2. Bolts and nuts
  3. Aluminium profile
  4. Plastic or wood pad
  5. Capacity Flanged Base

Step 3: Connecting Aluminium Pieces

After you cut pieces, connect two of Them like "L", using drill, screw tap and screw. And this "L" then to long piece. This will be static part of our vise.

When you make thread, use lubricant for easier and prettier work.

Step 4: Make a Thread for Threated Rod

Third of small piece. I drilled hole and made thread M10, for threaded rod and than connected to long piece, too. Space between "L" piece and this, with thread must be bigger than width of your table.

Now, we'll make clamp.

Step 5: Clamp

Now, clamp your threated rod in a vise and drill hole and make thread. I drilled 4.2 mm And Then Made M5 thread. The depth of this thread depent on length of bolt you use. The hole must be about 3-5 mm shallower than length of bolt.
If you tight the screw, it will protrude, and it's what we need. If you screwed the pad on it, like this it will tighten but free moving.

Step 6: Lever

To make lever, for threaded rod, cut end of rod with angle grinder to gain flat surface and then drill a hole for screw or some stick like lever.

Step 7: Holders

Holder for drilled material. My friend cut these sheets on laser cutter and welded four bolts. I screwed these horizontal toggle clamps on these four bolts. These sheets has four holes, so you can mount it on top piece of our vise.

Step 8: Clamp Holders

These clamps should press 27 kg, it's quite a lot for drilling I think.

Step 9: More Clamps and Holders

You can add some other kind of clamp or some else tool for different type of work, of course, it's only on your imagination. Like for round objects or lathe drill press. :)

So, 3 people, who make really good tool on this and post it in comment, I'll give them 3 month pro membership like a gift.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awesome idea! I think I might build something similar to this in the future. I'll let you know if I do :)


    3 years ago

    Unless this is to hold a pickle, you might want to check the spelling on the cover photo. :) Great design and instructable though!