Introduction: Drill-dust-bag!

Have you ever drilled a hole in a wall? I often do this (i really like bookshelfs, and fischer-screws :) ), but I HATE to clean the dust, after the job! So, to make things easier, i've tought a simple trick: the DRILL-DUST-BAG!!

Step 1: Needed Material

What do you need is just:

- a paper sheet: better if "saved" from the trashcan :)

- masking tape

Step 2: Let's Make It!

Take your paper sheet, and a little strip of masking tape (let's say... 10cm... 4 inches). Fold your paper sheet, and stick the first strip on the left. Then take another strip of the same size, and stick it on the right side.
Once you've made this, take another little strip of tape and apply it on a margin of the sheet, sticking just a part of it on the sheet. (This strip will be used to stick the bag on the wall)

Step 3: Stick It on the Wall!

You're done! Stick it on the wall, just below the hole you are going to make, and drill! All the dust will fall in the bag.

Step 4: Finally, Cleaning Made Easy

The easier part: cleaning! Simply unstick the bag from the wall, and trash the dust you've made (you can trash also the bag, if you don't need it anymore....).

So, finally your wife will non bother you anymore for the dust on the floor!!!

Bye, hope you'll find my little idea useful ;)



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    Good idea, but warning: If the paint on the wall is not in perfect condition, this method can lift it, by removing the tape. I say this because I suffered it last Saturday, making a settlement in the gallery. I have seen in the hardware a gadget that hangs from the bit and supports against the wall. I don't know if it will happen.

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    You could replace the masking tape with painter's tape (preferably the widest blue roll you can find). If that lifts the paint, the last coat you applied was most likely far too thin.

    I did think that masking tape and painter's tape they are the same thing. I used that, not packing tape neither duct tape.

    I'm not entirely sure of the adhesive compounds in each, but masking tape (generally yellow) uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which unfortunately backfires when pulling the tape, since the glue is pressure-sensitive in both directions and clings harder to the surface the harder you pull. Painters tape (normally blue, also called drafting tape, used in architect's or engineer's offices to mask blueprints/drafts) has an adhesive that loses pressure-sensitivity after the first application, and is only sensitive in one direction. I do a lot of drafting, and masking tape has an annoying tendency to lift pencil lines, but drafting tape is perfect.

    Thanks, I did'nt know this. An old joke said: "There are two kinds of adhesive tapes for medical use: those that fall alone, and that removes with pieces of skin." But now technology has improved a lot, fortunately.

    I do that all the time! But it is easier if you grab a junk-mail envelope to recycle. The worse part is when you try to stick it on the wall lightly without trying to peel the paint off and the whole thing just drops off from the weight of the dust making a bigger mess. The other trick is to get half a basketball or tennis ball and use it as a shroud by passing the drill through in order to drill holes overhead.

    I am just a little bit disappointed. I was hoping to see a vacuum hose with articulated joints and a vortex collection canister powered by a blower running off the drill battery pack. Ah well. I guess a piece of paper works, too. :)