Drill Dust Collector From an Envelope

Introduction: Drill Dust Collector From an Envelope

You will need a masking tape and an envelope for collecting the dusts from drilling.

Step 1: Fold the Envelope's Sides

Fold the envelope's both sides to make a pouch like shape

Step 2: Cut the Masking Tape

Cut 6-8 cm of tape and stick the half of tape on the envelope

Step 3: Stick the Envelope to the Wall Your Are Drilling

Stick the envelope on the wall below the point that you are going to drill.
Mark the point with a nail or screw that your are going to drill.
Put the drills bit on the mark and start drilling.

Step 4: Now the Dust Is Collected in Side the Envelope

After the drilling is finished the dust will be collected in the envelope
Remove the envelope and clean the residue with a wet paper towel.
Clean the hole with a vacuum cleaner.
Pour the dust into a trash bag.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I use this method, but always drill through the masking tape, this keeps the dust from being blown around by the air from the drill motor.


    6 years ago

    You're welcome.