Intro: Drillholder

Do you want your drills, art / Forstner drills, hole saws, etc. as I have in your immediate vicinity?
This compact carousel holds a variety of different wood / metal drills, hole saws and Forstner bits.

Although I indicated Birke Multiplex in the material list, I first used spruce wood, as it is considerably cheaper than multiplex. In Fehlfräsungen thus the multiplex disk is not destroyed.

This drill carousel is just one example for you. Of course you can customize everything according to your own needs.

Step 1: Sketchup

Zuerst habe bei allen drei Holzplatten die benötigten Kreise mit dem Zirkel angezeichnet.

Step 2: Drill Holes for Cutting Circle

In order for me to be able to mill the disks etc. with the cutting circle, I first had to make a 4 mm hole at the center.

Step 3: Milling the Slices

Now I have milled all three discs with the router and an 8 mm groove cutter. For the required radius, I use the standard cutting circle that was included with the router. He was sufficient for that.

Step 4: Milling the Upper Disc for Forstner / Artificial Drill

The top disc got millings to accommodate my Forstner or artificial drill. For this purpose, the outer and middle milling were carried out with a Ø 16 mm groove cutter. The small inner with a Ø 12 mm groove cutter.
Thereafter, the Dremel Trio was used to grind the millings. So attached milling circle, inserted grinding sleeve and set radius.

Step 5: Holes for Tool Holder

Here I have drilled the required holes for my drills, hole saws, bits, etc. into the center plate. After that everything was sanded

Step 6: Assembling

When everything was sanded, I glued the round wood with the middle and the top for the Forstner / artificial drill.

Step 7: Screw on the Rotary Element

Here, the 6 "rotary element was first fixed with small nails on the base plate and marked the hole for the center disc,
Then it was completely screwed.

Step 8: Finish

et voila



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