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Introduction: Drilling Station

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This is my instructable about my drilling station.

I usually work with metals, so i wanted to get easy to clean space to my drills.

I had old miter saw stand, i decided to use it as a base. Its very easy to clean under and around it.

And a wanted to get new use for it.

Im not good in explaining things, but i'll try. Sorry, if this feels little short.

Video shows more:

Materials that i used we're left overs.

10mm steel plate.

7mm steel plate

2mm mild steel and 1.5mm acid proof steel sheets.

8mm x 50 flat bar

Ps. I love you... Just kidding ( i loved the movie )
Im at the "Metal" competition with this, so if you like it... You know. ;)

Step 1: Mounting Drill Press..

To mount the drill press to the stand i used 7mm steel plate.

I drilled four 8mm holes for mounting plate to the stand and two 8mm holes to mount drill to the plate.

Clamped the plate to the stand, and drilled holes though the stand.

Used wood block as a guide to get straight holes.

Painted the plate and bolted it to the stand.

I made spacers under the drill press from nylon to get firm connection.

Arms of the miter saw stand gives good support when drilling longer pieces.

That's good feature too.

Step 2: Mounting Mag Drill

To mount my mag drill to the stand too.

I used 10mm thick steel plate.

Its possible to use cutting fluid with it. Its little messy stuff, that's why i wanted to collect it.

I made a set of holes, and grooves to guide leaking coolant under the mount ( plate )

Then i brushed the rust out of it and made six M8 threads for mounting the plate to the stands mounting brackets.

And finally couple threaded holes for clamping gears.

Step 3: Coolant Collector

Guiding coolant under the drill doesn't help much..

Unless you don't collect it too.

For that purpose i made a "bowl" from 1.5mm thick acid proof steel (316 stainless)

Made it from three parts, body and ends. Weld together with tig.

Connected a hose to the bottom of it, and a valve to the other end of the hose.

Step 4: Drawer

Making the drawer can be seen from

This video:

I had a pair of slides, those had a little tricky, but neat connection system.

I used 1.5mm thick acid proof steel plate wich i mounted to the stand.

It has 100mm long 90 degree bends at the both ends.

To make it sturdier i used two 8mm x 50mm x 350mm flat bars between the bolts and the "drawer mount"

Drawer itself is made from three pieces of 2mm mild steel. I used left overs, i didn't found big enough piece to make it from one piece.

For bending i used my diy brake.

I shaped the slots for the drawer with dremel and jig saw. Tidying made with file.

I removed scratches with random orbital sander using 120 grit paper.

Parts of the drawer is connected together with 4mm steel rivets.

Slides are locked on their place with bolts.

To hide the slides i used simple parts that i made from 2mm mild steel. Those are mounted for the same holes that locks the slides to the drawer.

Step 5: Finished

Now i have easy to clean drilling station, it also has nice supports at the both sides.

Mag drill can be just lifted out, drill press is unmounted after opening two nuts.

Coolant can be collected and reused, less mess and saves little money too.

You might notice that my drawer is open from the both ends. I store cutter boxes and clamping gears in it.

Its easier to clean the drawer, and also easier to pick stuff from it when there's nothing on away.

That's why i left them out.

If i would like to smash drawers, i would just and bars between the sides.

Pipe, and a threaded rod inside it would be my option.

Thanks for watching!

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    Wrrr 10-G
    Wrrr 10-G

    2 years ago

    Shameless evolution plug, but still very nice to watch you create your own setup. Thanks!


    2 years ago

    Very straightforward idea, but extremely handy to have around the shop!

    Thanks for posting this. I see lots of ideas here.


    2 years ago

    Wow, all I can say is I wish I had your skills and tools (in that order!). Very nice.


    2 years ago

    wow, I learned so much just from watching your video. Your skills are awesome. Please post more vids about any and every little thing you make.


    2 years ago

    I'm envious! Great stuff!

    AMbros Custom
    AMbros Custom

    2 years ago

    Amazing Drill station.Evolution Saw and your Evo Mag Drill machines are Beast. Very professional & great job.

    You deserve my vote.

    The other Finnish guy
    The other Finnish guy

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much! Yep. I have really liked those tools. Saw makes really good finish and drill is accurate and powerfull.. Couldn't be more satisfied for the tools.