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I was so inspired by the simplicity of the Coffee Cup - Ceiling aid (2x) by bertus52x11 as I'm about to install some ceiling lights into a concrete ceiling.

But I also wanted to drill into a brick wall  without having to clear away all the bits and pieces around the area - that red dust really clings to stuff, and I do hate vacuuming!

So this is my low tech offering.

Step 1: Ingredients...

Aluminium foil
Masking tape - the regular stuff will no doubt do the trick, as you wont be leaving it there very long, but i had some rather expensive painters tape lying around...

Thats all you need, except of course a drill.

Step 2: Place It Under Drill Point

Stick it on the wall under where you want to drill.

Scrunch it up a bit to make a nice catching shape for the dust.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Drill away...

Step 4: See How Well It Catches the Dust


Step 5: Peel It Off the Wall

Peel it off taking care to catch the dust in the middle of the foil.

(I was too keen to photograph myself taking it off and forgot to brush the dust off the wall into the foil!)

Dump the dust and you can re-use it for the next hole if you want to.

That's all. Hope it saves you some mess.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    i just made one with paper..
    you're right.. whatever's around! :D

    really like your "hightech depth gauge" !
    much better than my marker technique that fades after the second or third hole..