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Introduction: Drink Table

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Check out the video for more in depth instructions.

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Step 1: Cutting the Wood

To make this drink table you will need the following below.

(2) 2 by 4 cut to 28.5 inches for the leg

(5) 2 by 4 cut to 14 inches for the top

(4) 2 by 4 cut to 14 inches for the bottom

Step 2: Removing a Thin Layer

If you have a thickness planer remove a thin layer from both side to give the wood a smooth surface.


Us a sander to remove the rough surface.

Step 3: Squaring Up the Wood.

A typical 2 by 4 usually have a round over edge. Use a table saw to remove the round edge creating a flat surface.

Step 4: Notching Out the Feet

1. Set up the feet then place the legs towards the back, but center it on the feet. Trace out the feet.

2. Cut out that section.

Step 5: Joining the Leg

The two piece of wood measuring at 28.5 inches is the leg. Join the two using biscuit and wood glue. Wood dowels would work at well.

Step 6: Attach the Leg

1. Now glue and attach the notched out wood.

2. Counter sink two holes and install (2) 3 inch screws.

3. Install the final three 2 by 4 using biscuit or dowels.

Step 7: Attaching the Top

The top will have a bit of an over hang. So center the leg into one of the 2 by 4.

I used the drill press to drill out the hole. Then use a chisel to square out the hole.

This should be a tight fit. Glue and screw in place.

Use biscuit or dowels to secure. I also added (2) to (3) 3 inch screw for extra support. For each 2 by 4

The last 2 by 4 was only secured with biscuit and glue. So no screws.

Step 8: Sand and Paint

Sand and round the edge. Then paint

Step 9: Stain

1. Apply stain. I used Minwax Gel Stain " Hickory" http://amzn.to/1OK9gVm

2. Remove stain with a cloth.

Step 10: Protection

1. Apply Polyurethane with a brush.

2. 4 hours later, sand with 400 sand paper.

3. Apply one finally coat of of Polyurethane

Step 11: Pad

Install 4 felt pad. To keep the wood off the floor.


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    2 years ago

    Very nice project but the outstanding video is the show piece here. Thank you for taking the large amount of time, care and thinking it obviously took to make and edit. IMHO I'd like to see you share an Instructable on how you organize, light, film, and edit video. The thinking thru, organizational, and structural work you've done is really interesting to me and I think would be a terrific contribution to others. EXCELLENT work!!! Truly a model for others to follow.

    1 reply

    Thank you I will definitely consider it.

    You've made a super little table here, congratulations!

    1 reply

    Great job man. I really like this. I need to explore that biscuit you are using during the project

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    will be trying this..brilliant.

    Awesome project! Nice to see you're on Instructables too! (if I'm not mistaken)