Drink-ie, LED Nite Lite in a Bottle

Introduction: Drink-ie, LED Nite Lite in a Bottle

My addition to "-ies" movement. While waiting for another project to dry, I looked around the shop and came up with a simple idea. I have two ways to make this, one is quick, with no on/off switch. The other takes a little longer, but is still easy. Any small bottle can be used. It depends on what size batteries you will be using.

Step 1:

First the simple. This requires a bottle with a slightly larger cap.


  • Bottle... drained ;) and dried
  • Tea light

The tea lights can be found at TARGET stores for about $1.00 a pair. Disassemble the light. Take the battery out. Then pry off the bottom. Save switch for another project. Bend the leads on the LED so it fits on the battery. Maybe use a little tape to hold it. Insert into bottle and screw on cap.

Step 2:

More complex-

  • Required ...
  • Bottle
  • Plastic, heavy paper or other
  • LED
  • Batteries that fit in bottle
  • Some wire
  • Soldering iron

There are several ways to do this Drink-ie. You could still use the tea light, some tape and wire. I happen to have had a small three cell holder to use. When you screw the cap down, the LED comes on.

First cut a disc from the plastic or paper, that will fit in the cap. And not fall in the bottle. Mark the battery holder location on the disk and cut two slots for wire leads. This is a good use for that left over ribbon cable. I used a thin copper strip for the other battery contacts. Now I glued the battery holder to the disk.

Next, form your contacts. The ribbon cable needs to scraped. Be careful, the coating is tough, but the copper under is thin. Now tin the bare spot on the cable. I also connected the contacts on the other end of the cable with a large glob of solder. This will improve contact. Cut your cable loose and shape to fit. Form the upper contact and fit it in the disk and holder. I added a 22 ohm resister. Just because. You don't really need one. Assemble, set on bottle and screw on lid.

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    5 years ago

    Reed switch with a magnet would be good too :)