Drinking Straw - Electronic Components Storage System




Introduction: Drinking Straw - Electronic Components Storage System

For storage and carrying electronic components like LED, we can simply use drinking straw.

1. u need a drinking straw with large diameter such as drinking milk shake.
2. need to cut the straw into two parts, ie. shorter one as cap; longer one for storage.
3. for the longer one, u need to cut the mouth like the photo in order for easily insert the cap.
4. for the shorter one, u need to cut a small straight to allow in to "squeeze" into the loner one.
5. seal both of the straw with hot glue (not recommend to use sellotape), and use plier to make "toothpaste shape".
6. u can stick label on the surface of the straw or simply insert the label/memo inside the straw.

U can also refer to the "https://www.instructables.com/id/Business-card-Resistor-Storage/"

Have fun.



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    This is genius. Thank you for the amazing idea!

    Seriously want to hug you .. I am sat here trying to figure out how to organize my resistors, and this is perfect.

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