Drip Paint Flower Pot




These drip paint flower pots are easy and fun (and a little messy) to make. Just let the paint do it's thing, no paintbrushes required!

Check out my Nail Polish Marbled Flower Pots Instructable for more flower pot design ideas.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

  • a terracotta flower pot
  • clear paint sealer
  • acrylic paint in squeeze bottles
  • tin can or something else to keep your pot raised while painting
  • newspaper/cardboard or something else to catch the dripping paint

Step 2: Seal Your Pot

If you are using a terracotta pot, sealing the pot with a clear coat paint will help to keep your colored paint on longer (remember to coat the inside of your pot too). Terracotta likes to absorb moisture and might push the paint off of your pot if it is not sealed with a clear coat.

Alternatively, you could paint the entire pot with spray paint.

Step 3: Drip, Drip, Drip

Invert your pot and place it over a tin can or something else that will keep you pot raised off of the ground. Make sure you put newspaper under your pot to catch the drips... this could get messy.

Squeeze your paint bottles along the bottom rim of your pot, a little bit at a time. You can add different colors for an ombre or rainbow look. I used three colors for my pot.

I used Craft Smart brand acrylic paint from Michaels (on sale at 4 for $2). The consistency of this paint was okay for dripping, but if you are using a different brand, you might need to thin the paint a bit with water. If the paint is too thick, it might dry wrinkly.

The paint will take a long time to dry, so do this in a place where your pot won't be disturbed or have to be moved.

Step 4: Seal Again and Done!

Seal the paint with a couple more clear coats and you are done!

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