Dripper Irrigation. This Led to "tcmtech Dripper Irrigation". Check It Out Instead. It Is Better!

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Dripper irrigation is a DIY method that is independent of other systems.  I started the experiment on the 2nd of September and I will update the video as results come in. (As of 23rd September, the system is usable and rain barrel refill works too).
Dripper irrigation currently uses a pretty crude 'water clock"  with clean water as a controller  to allow water (clean dirty or recycled)  to drip into a plant container at a constant rate  so that it never gets completely dry.  I have asked an electronics student for quotes for something to replace the waterclock but so far nothing.
Many different  sorts of controllers could be used.  I am just evaluating it right now to see how slow it can go while still remaining reliable. So September 14th.  We are around a litre per hour of dripping so you can get about a week out of the water barrel!
I have used 3 inch pipes in mine but 2 inch might work too. (My supplier charges more for 2 inch than 3 inch pipes!).
I am using it in one of my pallet garden experiments until I get a little airlift pump organized for it.
Dripper irrigation playlist is at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkzXlmAwZTZdjGtjJpCYm2gSGVGwA033M&feature=view_all and it has worked super so far.



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    I have a low tech method for the rain barrel to refill now without the water flooding the irrigated pallet. It is towards the end of the playlist.
    I think I did pretty good. A whole new drip irrigation method and a refill method for rain barrels in just over 3 weeks.