The purpose of this project was to build a Garden House using Arduino. Therefore the 3 students in the group decided to make an automatic Greenhouse, the automatic parts of the house will be that the data from a soil sensor, and a humidity/temperature sensor will be able to read on a Bluetooth app created from app-inventor, there will also be a water pump that automatically will start when the soil sensor gives a signal because the earth is to dry, then the pump will start up for a moment until the soil reach the right limit of humidity.

outside the house there will be a main tank for water where there is a level-sensor that makes a warning if the main tank is about to run empty.

inside the house is a lamp with a timer to grow the Vegetables / Exotic Flowers. And a ventilation that can be started if the temperature gets too high.

Made by

UCL and Fredericia Maskinmesterskole students.

AT201821, AT201827, AT201829

Step 1: Part List

The parts used for this project is:

1x Arduino Mega

1x Bread board

1x Bluetooth module

1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor module

1x Soil Moisture sensor

1x Mini nedsænkbar vandpumpe 3-5V

1x 1meter Slange til vandpumpe

1x Float Switch, væske niveau sensor, Vandret montering

1x Mosfit

4x LED

4x 330 ohm resister

1x 10k ohm resister

1x bottom

Step 2: Setup

Since the TinkerCad Program did not have all the templates, we have used a potentiometer to illustrate our Soil Moisture. And a Switch to illistrate the Floatswitch.

IO list:


Pin 8: Float switch

Pin 7: Bottom Press


Pin 13: Moisture in Soil LED if motor stopped

Pin 6: LED Motor if running

Pin 9: Indoor light

Pin 2: LED simulated ventilation

Step 3: Code

The arduino and app code for the projekt.

The projekt needs the library function https://github.com/adafruit/DHT-sensor-library for DHT11 sensor

App code for the greenhouse can be found in the word file.

Step 4: Poster

Step 5: Video

This is the video of the automatic greenhouse

Step 6: 3D Laser Cut for Greenhouse

We used autocad for the design of the greenhouse.



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