Driving a Manual

Introduction: Driving a Manual

These short videos give you a short example on how to start driving a manual.

Step 1: Videos Are in Order

The way I learned made driving way easier for me. The thing I

first started out on was a dirt bike. The gears are very small and easy to start out on with no experience. You learn how to use throttle control and clutch control.

Step one of learning how to drive a manual transmission: Learning where all the gears are and how to shift.

You need to know where all the gears are so when you are actually driving the vehicle you are not guessing.

Second step: learning how to use the clutch is the second important thing. You need to know to not ride the clutch and how to use it when shifting and starting.

Step Three: Starting out. Put the car in first gear and learn where the clutch engages. After learning where it engages give it a little gas. You barely need to give it any gas just enough to when you let the clutch engage it moves the car.

Step 4: Learning how to tell if it is bogging down. This is important to know when starting out. If it starts to bog down you need to either give it more gas or put the clutch back in a little bit.

Step 5: shifting gears is the next thing to learn. While driving when the rpms get to around 2000 to 2500 you need to shift. First you put in the clutch when you get to those rpms, then you shift from what gear your in to the next up. Example is from 3 to 4 gear.

Step 6: Slowing down. To slow all you need to do is put the clutch in make sure the car is out of gear and push on the gear.

Step 7: Down shifting. You usually will not need to down shift unless your trying to race or gear break. To down shift you need to put the clutch in, put the car in a lower gear and rev the engine up to the rpm the gear should be at, then dump the clutch.

Step 2: Pedals

This is a picture of the clutch brake and gas pedals you will need to know which is which. The far left is the clutch the middle is the brake and the far right is the gas.

Step 3: Gear Selector

This is the gear selector. You will need to use this to change gears as you go faster or slow down. You will need to know how to use it to put it in certain gears.

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    Thanks for sharing. I have always be meaning to learn to drive a stick shift.