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Introduction: Drizzle Castles!

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A Drizzle Castle is a castle created by dripping a mixture of sand and water. When the water-sand Mixture drops on more sand, a Sand Droplet is formed. The water sinks into the sand below it and the result is a column of sand! The results can be stunning and can turn many heads at the beach when made correctly! Fun, and easy for kids to do too! Be very careful not to knock over others' drizzle castle, as this is very easy to do! 

By the way, this is my first instructable! :D

Step 1: Creating a "Swand Pit"

For lack of a better word, a "Swand" (Pronounced like Sand with a "W") Pit is a hole dug in wet sand to get the "Swand", a mixture of Sand and water, to create a Castle. Get close to the seashore, where there is wet sand, but not so close that the waves collapse the pit or the castle. Dig down about 3 inches (about a finger's length) or until you hit water. keep on digging until you have a good sized pit where you can get a lot of Swand. Don't worry about refilling your pit with sand! It does it by itself! (How Convenient!)

Step 2: Foundation


Ok, randomness out of the way, we must start building the castle foundation.
get a big handful of sand and put a plop of it down on the beach, Near your Swand Pit.  Not to close though! We don't want the castle collapsing! Build it up and out. Make it as wide as you want, but don't make it too tall! We still want to make towers!

Step 3: Towers!

Get some really wet Swand and hold it in your hand like you are operating a stick-shift (the kind you see in cars, etc.) you will notice there is some watery, looking substance running through your fingers. This is what makes a tower! Hold it over the area you want to make a tower and watch the Swand work its magic! Slowly move your hand up so the quickly rising tower won't hit your hand! When pure Water starts running out of the Swand in your hand,
(hehe, it rhymed) STOP! Water is the arch nemesis of a Drizzle Castle! 

Step 4: Just Build It Up!

Build Towers Upon towers to create one big tower! You can then build little towers ontop of the Main tower. For advanced Drizzle Castle Makers, water can be used to create tunnels! Just pour water onto a castle to create a hole. Be very careful, as this will most likely collapse the Castle, so be careful. When you are done, build more! Make waterways, caves, bays and gulfs! Create cities, or for a real challenge, create islands! If you have problems, just comment and I will do the best I can to help you.

Step 5: Add to It!

If you have any ideas, corrections, improvements, just let me know! I will give you credit!

Here are some ideas to improve on:
  •  A Swand Dispenser, made from a icing thingy.
  •  Some way to make a permanent castle that wont break. Acrylic mabye?
  •  Different Materials besides sand to make a Castle.

Thanks for reading!

I give you, Lily, credit for the Concept of Drizzle Castling!

Step 6: Improvments/Corrections

This little mini-step is for adding improvements or corrections people found and commented about.

lindaspin says: After our castle is done I like to add the 'sugar/powder' on top, which is the fine, dry, white sand you find further away from the shore-line. It adds some character like a snow-capped mountain!

When I see a good comment with an even better idea, I will ask you if you would like to put it on the 'ible! Have fun Dribble Castling!



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    22 Discussions

    I grew up at the beach and now I do this with my kids every summer in Wildwood Crest, NJ. We call it dribbles! After our castle is done I like to add the 'sugar/powder' on top, which is the fine, dry, white sand you find further away from the shore-line. It adds some character like a snow-capped mountain!

    2 replies

    That's a great idea! Would you like for me to add it to the instructable and give you credit?

    I've been doing this for so long #should have done this

    I did that with my mother while in france around 20 years ago as a little kid.

    ... and now i do it occasionally while near a stream (gold sluicing in Switzerland)... Never lost its magic to watch the towers grow. "How high can you get without making the base too thick?" is a common playstile for a short funtime :)

    I did this during the summer with my 7-yr old, after seeing it here. The two of us spent about three hours building an entire city - it was the awesomest of awesome beach activities. The best thing (for me) was teaching passer-by kids how to do it, and (for my kid) letting them add on to the city. Thanks for such a wonderful instructable!

    This is awesome! By the way your dog is darling! :D

    I know that sand ANYWHERE! Thats the Quarts crystal beaches of NW Florida! Looks like SNOW!

    Ah, the memories of clean beaches, sunburns and sand everywhere. We called these drip castles. I love the idea of the dry, white sand as a topper. Never did that. Great instructable by the way. A video might help with the concept for those who have never done it.

    1 reply

    Yep, I sure do love the beach, but not the sunburns. They are NOT fun. I have seen other people make Drizzle Castles , but no one ever bothered to post an article about it. I might make a video next time we go to the beach. Summer break is almost over, so next Summer , I will try to get a clip.
    Just have to get a YouTube account...
    Thanks for the comment!

    This is cool. The sand you're using looks very fine; here in CT it can be difficult to find a beach with sand like that and I'm assuming this would not work well if at all with coarse sand? Anyway, very cool and thanks for sharing and teaching.

    1 reply

    You might be able to make one, but the Water to Sand ratio would have to be much higher i presume. You could also buy fine sand and make a small, indoor sandbox. Thanks for the great comment!

    Is that your dog in the last pic? Interesting choice... Anywho, great instructable!

    3 replies

    Yes it is! :) I just put a random pic on that one! Thanks for all the great comments!

    WOW !! its been Years since ive done this , Me brother and sister used to make These , i would say sisters but my other sisters were too youbg ! Any way Great Fun ! Keep it Up ! we were always prepared when we went to the beach ! army shovels Big pails , used to make Tall Castles with the pails , and then the tops would go even higher with the drippings ( stalagmites ) my uncle showed us how to make , after he showed us what we were making in five minutes , it takes nature to make in milions of years, Thanks Brings Back Memories !!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalactite