Droid 2 Global (we) Rom Install (CyanogenMods)




Intro: Droid 2 Global (we) Rom Install (CyanogenMods)

Over the time that I have been using Android I have always wanted to install a ROM. But I have come accross many problems such as picking the best rom, installing it (the hardest) and destroying my phone. So I have made this to help people like me install a rom on their very own phone.

Before you start I recommend:
1. Exporting your contacts (click menu while in the contacts app on the phone)

While doing this there is no reason to worry as long as you are using the Droid 2 Global in this tutorial, but there is the risk of loosing your contacts and apps. (you need to backup the contacts but the phone will re-download the apps for you)

Step 1: Downloads

Download these:
RSD Lite 5.4.4:Download 
Motorola 5.4.0 device drivers: Download
2.3.20 firmware: Download
Rom: Cyanogen (Put on SD Card, VERY IMPORTANT)
Root: MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip

(if one of these don't work you can Google search the topic or send me a comment)

Step 2: Downgrade to 2.3.20

1. Install the drivers
2. Turn off your phone
3. While turning it on press the increase volume button and the camera button
4. Plug in to computer
5. Open RSD
6. Select the firmware (uncompressed when prompted)
7. Start flashing

Step 3: Activate

Follow the steps (not big deal you will do it again soon)

Step 4: Root Phone

1. Extract the oneclickroot zipped folder
2. Plug the phone into the computer
3. Turn on USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development)
4. Set to Charge only (click the USB icon on the notification bar)
5. Open the "MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe" from the folder

Step 5: Install the Bootstrap

1. Download this app: http://hotfile.com/dl/114215701/59160d6/Droid_2_Recovery_Bootstrap_v1.0.0.3.apk and put on sd card
2. On the phone go to the Files app
3. Find the app file you added to the sd card
4. Click and install it
5. Open it and give it access to the root (once prompted)
6. Click the top then the bottom button (wait for pop up in between)

Step 6: Installing the ROM

1. Wipe Data
2. Wipe Cash
3. Install from zip
4. Select the ROM
5. Then once complete reboot

(Camera button functions as forward or click, use the up and down on the volume controls, and the sleep button is back)

Step 7: Google Stuff (Android Market and Gmail)

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Download to SD Card:

1. Hold the sleep button on the phone and select reboot
2. Then reboot it to Recovery (If not an option re-install the bootstrap app again)
3. Select install from zip and chose the gapps folder you just downloaded
4. Then reboot
5. Import Contacts

Now you are done and I hope you had good luck! (If you have problems feel free to contact me)



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    hi, could you please post again the links to the 2.3.20 firmware please? this is not working

    thank you