Drone Build: Q700 Trooper Asymmetric Quadcopter: Manual & Flight Test


Introduction: Drone Build: Q700 Trooper Asymmetric Quadcopter: Manual & Flight Test

This is a short video covering 'Unboxing', A 'Quick & Easy' Build Manual and Flight Testing of the RCTimer Q700 Trooper quadcopter. This is the Trooper frame kit with the integrated Power Distribution and Printed Circuit Board frame kit i.e. it is not 100% carbon fibre.

Here's the video menu:

00.16 - What's in the box? 01.45 - What else do you need? 02.36 - The instructions...; 02.59 - Set-up power cables & frame mounts; 03.14 - Test electrical connectivity; 03.32 - Battery tray setup; 03.51 - Landing gear build; 04.32 - Build motors and arms; 05.07 - Fit and test Electronic Speed Controllers (for direction); 05.54 - Adding the electronics; 06.06 - Positioning the flight controller at the Centre of Gravity; 06.41 - Attach the frame top plate; 07.22 - Attach the arms; 08.20 - First flight test (13 inch propellers); 09.52 - Second flight test (11 inch propellers).

Drone specification:

RCTimer Products: - Q700 Trooper frame kit with integrated PCB and PDB, X3 - 710kv motors, 40A HVSC ESCs, 5A/5V switching UBEC, carbon fibre TM13x5.5" propellers (although TM11x5.5" recommended if no load added), annunciator, battery alarm.

Other products used: - APM 2.6 flight controller, Neo 7 GPS/compass combination, Quanum 12V UBEC, Tarot power hub, Taranis X8R receiver.



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