Drone Design: 3/4 Making a Delivery Drone

Introduction: Drone Design: 3/4 Making a Delivery Drone

This is part 3 of a project to show the positive impact that drones can have on disaster relief. This part focuses on the supply delivery drone. Imagine the benefits of having a drone be able to fly in relief supplies to areas where conventional cars, boats, or humans can get to during and after a natural disaster.

For the designing you will want to use 123D Design.

Approximate Time to Complete: 30-35 minutes

Step 1: Drone Body, Step 1

Insert a Hemisphere into the plane from the primitives tool section

Step 2: Drone Body, Step 2

Using the smart scale tool, scale the hemisphere to be 46mm by 35mm by 19mm

Step 3: Drone Body, Step 3

Rotate the Hemisphere 180 degrees

Step 4: Drone Body, Step 4

Use the mirror tool to copy the hemisphere along it’s flat side.

Step 5: Drone Body, Step 5

Insert a cylinder and smart scale it to 30mm by 4mm by 5mm

Step 6: Drone Body, Step 6

Rotate the cylinder 45 degrees

Step 7: Drone Body, Step 7

Make 2 copy of the cylinder

Step 8: Drone Body, Step 8

Rotate one of the cylinders -90 degrees

Step 9: Drone Body, Step 9

Make 1 copy of that cylinder

Step 10: Drone Body, Step 10

Place the 4 cylinders in the corners of the hemispheres, halfway between the two.

Step 11: Motor, Step 1

Insert cylinder and smart scale to 8mm by 8mm by 10mm

Step 12: Motor, Step 2

Copy the cylinder and smart scale it to 6mm by 6mm by 5mm and place on top of the previous cylinder.

Step 13: Motor, Step 3

Copy the cylinder again then smart scale it to 4mm by 4mm by 2.5mm and place on top of the previous cylinder.

Step 14: Motor, Step 4

Copy all 3 stacked cylinders together 3 times, for a total of 4 stacked cylinders.

Step 15: Motor, Step 5

Place one stacked cylinder on the end of each corner cylinder. The corner cylinder should be halfway through the largest cylinder of the stacked cylinder.

Step 16: Motor, Step 6

Copy the top two cylinders of the stack and set the copy aside. (Due to the strange shape of the design you will need to print the drone in chucks and assemble it after the print.)

Step 17: Motor, Step 7

Move the whole drone so that the bottom of the stacked cylinders are against the plane.

Step 18: Motor, Step 8

Insert a cube on the opposite side of the plane as the drone and use the cube and the subtract tool to make the drone body flat

Step 19: Propellers, Step 1

Sketch a diamond shape using the polyline tool.

Step 20: Propellers, Step 2

Extrude the diamond shape 2mm.

Step 21: Propellers, Step 3

Use the Tweak tool to turn both sides of the diamond. Select two side edges of the diamond and tweak it 45 degrees then do the same thing to the opposite side edges.

Step 22: Propellers, Step 4

Put the propeller aside

Step 23: Hook, Step 1

Insert a torus and smart scale it to 8mm by 8mm by 2mm

Step 24: Hook, Step 2

Insert a cylinder and smart scale it to 7mm by 2mm by 2mm

Step 25: Hook, Step 3

Insert a cube and use the subtract tool to cut off one fourth of the torus.

Step 26: Hook, Step 4

Set the cylinder onto the cut torus and set the completed hook aside.

Step 27: Care Package, Step 1

Insert a cube and smart scale it to 7mm by 20mm by 20mm

Step 28: Care Package, Step 2

Fillet all edges

Step 29: Care Package, Step 3

Insert two rectangular prisms with dimensions 2mm by 2mm by 13mm, join them perpendicular to each other.

Step 30: Care Package, Step 4

Imprint the joined rectangles into one of the larger sides of the filleted cube and use the subtract tool to cut out the cross.

Step 31: Care Package, Step 5

Insert a torus with and smart scale it to 3mm by 16mm by 11mm

Step 32: Care Package, Step 6

Place torus centered on the top of the filleted cube.

Step 33: Care Package, Step 7

Use the Text tool and type “Care” and extrude to 2mm

Step 34: Care Package, Step 8

Smart scale the text to 2mm by 15mm by 6mm

Step 35: Care Package, Step 9

Center “Care” on the filleted cube’s face opposite the cross. Allowing for the text to stick out 0.5mm from the surface of the filleted cube.

Step 36: For Print

Print 8 propellers, 1 hook, 1 care package, 1 drone body, and 4 stacked cylinders. You will have to assemble the build after printing due to the drones odd shape.

Link to Step 1: https://www.instructables.com/id/Drone-Design-Part...

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Link to Step 3: https://www.instructables.com/id/Drone-Design-34-M...

Link to Step 4: https://www.instructables.com/id/Drone-Design-44-M...

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