Drone Design: Part 1/4 Making a Model House

Introduction: Drone Design: Part 1/4 Making a Model House

This is step 1 of a project to show the benefits of drones in disaster relief situations. This step is the start of the scene we wish to create involving this house, a person, and two drones both helping this person in his home in their own ways.

For the designing you will want to use 123D Design.

Approximate Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Step 1: Insert a Box Into the Plane.

Once the box is inserted a dialog box should appear that lists the dimensions of the box. Set all three dimensions to 20 and click enter (use TAB to switch through dimensions or just click on the boxes to edit them).

NOTE: Don't worry about the units for the dimensions; the entire object can be scaled to your desired dimensions when completed.

Step 2: Insert a Pyramid From the Primitives Section.

Set the radius to 14, the height to 10, and the number of sides to 4.

Step 3: Combine the Pyramid and Box.

Click on the snap tool from the bar, click the square face of the pyramid, and click the top face of the box.

Step 4: Use the Shell Function to Hollow Out the Box and Pyramid

With the shell function, click the edge of the box. A dialog box should appear asking for information. The thickness should be 1, tangent chain should be checked, and the direction should be inside.

Shelling the pyramid follows the same process.

Step 5: Sketch the Door.

Click on "sketch" then "sketch rectangle". Next, select one of the faces of the box and draw a rectangle of width five and height ten.

Step 6: Construct the Door and Windows.

Select the "extrude" function and then select the sketch of the door. The value for extrusion is -1.

The windows are constructed the same as the door. Design them to your preferences.

Step 7: Combine Pyramid and Box.

Zoom inside of the pyramid and use the extrude function to extrude. The value should be -2.

Step 8: Optional: Scale to Desired Dimension.

Select the entire structure and click on "Smart scale" in the bottom bar. The dimensions of the structure should appear. Modify them to the size you desire

NOTE: the default measurement 123D design uses is mm. It accepts other units of you specify correctly in the dialog box.(ex: 40 in)

Step 9: Optional: Constructing the Chimney.

Create a box then smart scale the box to the dimensions 15mm by 16mm by 38mm and place it flush with the bottom of the roof in the right back corner of the house.

Step 10: Step 10: Hollow Out the Chimney/roof (optional)

Copy the rectangular prism and scale down the dimensions to 12mm by 12mm by 40mm (gaining height at the top). Make a copy of the 12mm by 12mm by 40mm prism and set it aside. Next use the cut subtract tool (In the combine submenu) to subtract the small prism from the larger prism. Then re position the copied 12mm by 12mm prism inside the hole of the larger prism and use the subtract tool again to subtract the 12mm by 12mm from the roof.

Link to Step 1: https://www.instructables.com/id/Drone-Design-Part...

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Link to Step 4: https://www.instructables.com/id/Drone-Design-44-M...

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