Drone Hard Case




DIY Hard Case to keep your drone safe

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Step 1: Your Drone

first off, this instructable will only show how to make a custom case. Not all results will be identical as each drone and each person needs something different.

Step 2: Your Case

I found this hard suitcase at a thrift shop for 5$. PERFECT.

You'll need to gut it because chances are you'll need all the space you can get.

Step 3: Foam

High Density Foam is more expensive than you think, so if you're on a budget like me then go to your local hardware store and look for insulation foam material.

Once you have your foam, cut it to the size of the case. We want to build a few layers before cutting out shapes for our drone.

Step 4: More Foam

I started by tracing out shapes where I wanted the drone to rest in the foam. Draw lines and cut out the holes. You'll want space for your drone's landing gear and camera if it has one. I also wanted the propellers to be supported so I started shaving off half of the layer to allow the frame to rest on the foam.

Repeat this step for remote control or any other things you want in the case. I cut out spots for batteries and a square for backup parts.

Step 5: Adhesive

Oh I probably should have done that different...

sound familiar? we all have builds where we maybe used the wrong thing. Hot glue worked, but is not a friend to foam. IT MELTS THE FOAM!! so if you decide to use hot glue, control your temperature to be as low as you can.
I would suggest a spray adhesive instead. Anything that will be sticky enough to keep on your cover fabric.

Step 6: Cover

I got ahold of an old sheet. perfect for my cover since the only criteria was to be fabric. If budget isn't your issue, maybe get some nice fabric from your local craft shop.

So grab your fabric and start gluing.
I found starting in the middle and working out is best if you don't mind the flowing padded look. if you want a tight and wrinkle free look, then you'll need a lot of cutting and sewing for which I can't help you.
But, glue in the middle and slowly work outward will work too.

Step 7: Insert Covered Foam

Once you have glued on your fabric, you want to insert the piece into the case. As I was putting it in I saw how hard it was to keep the fabric tight around the edges. don't worry. Take a butter knife, or something similar, and poke the excess fabric down to underneath the foam. make sure to go all the way around the edges for a finished look. Repeat for the other half of your case.

Step 8: Extra

I cut out the top to make room for extra parts, but I forgot a lid! a piece of foam board works great. just cut a slit to slide it in, fold it over the cutout, and make a latch. I took a wrench cutout that comes with some kits, bent it to an L, and stuck it in a slit. It's temporary for me, but that's what I get for forgetting. a snap button or velcro strap would be ideal.

Step 9: Finish

You're ready to take your drone anywhere! (without worrying about breaking it during travel)



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    super i can keep my drone inside


    3 years ago

    cool im gonna do this for my syma X5C when it arrives!! (i bought it online and it hasn't arrived yet) by the way do you recommend this drone? is it good?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    We got one for our son and I ended up with one, too. One day my son saw me flying mine high, decided to fly his as high as he could and it drifted with the wind into the tallest nearby tree and got stuck. The only thing I could try to do to get it out that high up was to shoot it down with a pellet gun as gingerly as possible. It took a team effort, but after about a 45 foot drop and about 5 holes through the body it still flies just fine!

    It is a great deal for the money for sure. I would like to eventually get a heavier one that is more stable in wind, but it certainly can maneuver better than I can pilot it so that's all I can ask for.

    I, too, got extra batteries because just one doesn't have enough fly time. If you look around you can find higher output batteries for a good price.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I love this drone! it is my first drone ever, so I expected a few crashes. it hasn't broken yet and I've crashed it a few times. You'll want to buy a few extra batteries because you won't want to put this down. don't worry they're don't cost much. I got 5 for 20$

    Matt Carl

    3 years ago

    Well done, this is awesome!


    3 years ago

    This is an excellent use for an old suitcase. Very nicely done!

    1 reply