Drone Package Delivery System

Drones are becoming a big thing. They can be used for everything from aerial photography to racing, and Amazon is even developing a drone-based delivery system. Air delivery is the purpose of this Instructable. In this Instructable I'll show you how to build a fool proof system to drop packages from drones. All you need is a RC drone or plane that can take the package weight that you want. All that the drone needs is a free channel. All you need is a servo. That servo needs to be able to support the weight of the package.

Parts list

servo, any weight


free channel

any materiel you want to build the package crate out of


Many thanks to Flite Test for their tiny trainer design, which is the plane I'm demonstrating on. Go to Flite test if you like planes or drones, they'll always have something.

Thanks to my brother for this Instructable idea. Be sure to check out his android game Lengthy. It is so addictive.

Oh, and the plane I am using can not fly, so If you make this could you please post a video. Thanks.

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Step 1: The Servo on the Plane/quadcopter

First, on a foamboard plane, cut a hole the size of the servo. Then go ahead and glue the servo in. Cut a hole near the servo but not too near. A tab on the package crate will go in there to prevent the package crate from spinning too much. Arrange the servo arm like in the picture. When the arm is along the servo body then this will be the drop position. The other position at 90 degrees to the long part of the servo body will be the locked position. If you have a heavier package then I would reccomend using a double servo arm. On a drone it's a little more difficult. Cut a plate of foamboard and glue the servo to that. Arrange the servo arm as before. Cut the hole for the tab in the foamboard. Then glue the foamboard to the drone.

Step 2: The Package Crate

This is the key part. The package will go inside this and the crate will be dropped from the plane. Cut a hole in the top plate of the crate just big enough for the servo arm. Then cut out a tab and glue it onto the top to fit into the hole for the tab you cut earlier. The dimensions are really up to you. Remember to add a door to put the package into. When you've put the package in then seal up the crate with tape. The choice of Material is also up to you. I had some blue spray paint so I painted it just because I could. You don't have to paint yours.

Step 3: Dropping the Package Crate

This bit is really quite simple. Put the servo to the drop position and put the tab in the tab hole and the servo arm (still attached to the servo) in the hole. move the servo to the locked position. to drop the crate move the servo to the drop position. If it doesn't drop then the tab hole or the servo arm hole might be too small. The video shows it dropping the way it should. If it drops properly, go deliver a package! Now you can start a delivery company! Please post your pictures and videos if you make this, because my plane is a glider so I can not properly fly it. By the way, I claim no responsibility for any damage this may cause to you, your plane or drone. Cutting into your plane is at your own risk.

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    3 years ago

    Maybe you can make a four motor plane and then make a c-130 style cargo compartment. I should try to make one to drop small stuff.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    oh, If you make a package delivery system then please share a video as My plane was used for demonstrating only. If you share a video can I use it for the Instructable?


    Reply 3 years ago

    The problem is that I have quite a limited amount of money to spend on these things, and I am still flying 3 channel and only admitted to myself yesterday I could fly my plane. But sure, later i might post an Instructable. Please vote for me in the make it fly contest and also please vote for sparky the happy girrafe.


    3 years ago

    That think has seen better days, but I think I recognize an FT Tiny Trainer in there somewhere with the glider setup?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, that is a FT tiny trainer with glider setup. I'm done with flying it so I converted it to glider and used it for this Instructable.