Drone Tower Ground Station App': Part 2: Planning and Flying Missions + Flight Tests

Introduction: Drone Tower Ground Station App': Part 2: Planning and Flying Missions + Flight Tests

This 'How To...' video takes a step-by-step approach to creating and flying simple missions using the Tower Ground Station App' for Android devices, to include: 1. Simple Waypoints 2. Spline Waypoints 3. Circle Waypoints 4. Region Of Interest (ROI) Waypoints 5. Free-drawing of Waypoints, Structure Scanner and 'Dronies' will be covered in future videos.

This video is intended as an easy reference/reminder. Some screens may change too quickly to see all the detail so you might have to use 'Pause'. Here's the menu:

00.00 Introduction; 00.28 Hardware & Software; 01.19 Part 1: Creating a mission using simple Waypoints; 02.25 Using the 'free-draw' tool to create a mission; 04.02 Checking that the mission has uploaded to the drone using Mission Planner; 04.53 Flight Test of Tower App' to Takeoff & Land; 05.49 Flight Flight Test of the simple Waypoint mission; 07.35 Part 2: Creating a mission using Spline Waypoints; 09.05 Flight Test of the Spline Waypoint mission; 11.02 Quick comparison of flight behaviour using simple and Spline Waypoints; 11.30 Part 3: Creating a 'Circle' waypoint mission; 12.35 Flight Test of a 'Circle' Waypoint mission; 14.43 Part 4: Creating a 'Region Of Interest' (ROI) mission; 15.27 Flight Test of a ROI mission.

The 3DR Drone Tower App' is a Ground Station Solution for APM & Pixhawk flight controllers using Android mobile devices. Autonomous flight Missions shown in the video were created and flown using a custom Aliencopter Bee 470 Cruachan with an APM 2.6 flight controller using the Tower App' only.

Please note that when you tap 'Arm' & 'Auto' a second confirmation is required with a swipe cross the icon that appears on screen. We did not take screenshots of this action.



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