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About: I am artist. Ceramics, Paintings.. drawings.. I live in Finland, around polar circle and do my art where and when ever I can. Clay is my favourite material, but sadly it also takes most of room and demands...

Dropart is the way I like to paint.

It means that I just drop paint on paper/canvas until I think it's ready.

It's really hard to make it work as you want because even if you managed to control where the drop fall.. you never know for sure what will happen next.

I think this is one of the most complex paintings I've done this way and one of the few that I from the beginning knew what I wanted to do.

sure there were moments when I had to touch the paper with brush and I did use some markers to give the finish touch .

but basically that's it.. you decide what you want to do, then you drop paint/ink/tea until the picture is there.

it sounds easy.. but check the video.. oh yeah.. it's not shown in the video but the work need's to dry quite often and long times.. so.. it's not really... for people in hurry.

but I love it.

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