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Last Fall, I got a neat new toy: a Dropcam Wi-fi Security Camera and have been experimenting with new ways to use it ever since!   A few months ago, I modified a birdhouse to accommodate the Dropcam, so that I could mount it outside, as a front door intercom.  But  a birdhouse with a power cord, well, somehow it just didn't look natural, you know?  In this video, I finally decide to cut the cord  and make my Dropcam HD fully wireless.  Now that my Dropcam is unplugged and untethered, I'm finding all kinds of new ways to make use of it

And here is the pre-quel to this video.  It's called Dropcam Birdhouse:

Oh, what's that you say?  You just can't get enough of this Dropcam hacking?  I just happen to have one more pre-quel to add to your Dropcam Marathon.  Lucky you!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Not sure why my links only work sometimes, but let's try again:

    Should I tell you where to get the Dropcam? You can get on the Dropcam
    website, (with free shipping, I think) www.Dropcam.com or on

    I don't have the Dropcam Pro, but it has a wider camera view. I
    paid about $149 for the Dropcam HD; the Dropcam Pro is $199.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm. I don't think my link to the battery on Amazon worked. Let me try again:


    Also, if you go to the 3:05 mark on the "Dropcam Unplugged" video, you will see that I show the back of the battery pack with the product # and all the spec on what kind of power it puts out. I bought the battery pack at Sam's club for about $50.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I used a Royal Rechargeable Battery Pack
    it's made for charging ipod and iphone etc. (I'm not sure it can charge ipad, but I can use it to power my iPad 4 when the battery is low). It powers the Dropcam for a full 24 hours... not that long, but you might be out there adding birdseed every 24 hours, right? I need to do a side by side comparison of the video quality. I'm not completely sure the video quality is as crystal clear when it's battery powered. When it's plugged into AC outlet, the clarity of the video image is impressive!