Drum Assembly

Introduction: Drum Assembly

A summer project from a couple years ago, I purchased three hybrid maple segmented drum shells--18"x14", 12"x8" and 14"x11" from the now defunct Icelandic company "Arcs." After a quick coat of tung oil I was ready to attach the hardware. I purchased the heads and chrome hardware separately, and after careful calculation (measure twice, drill once), drilled holes for 8 lugs per side of each of the drums, and placed a thin rubber plate between the lug and the drum so the tension wouldn't damage the wood, then tightly screwed the lug through the drum. The heads sat easily on the 45-degree bearing edges, with adjustable tension via the hoops (all chrome except the kick drum, which shipped with maple hoops matching the shell), attached to the lugs with tension rods.

I also drilled the kick and floor tom for the legs, but chose to leave the tom stand-alone rather than rack mount it on the kick drum, saving me from having to drill another set of holes on each drum.

As simple as that...a beautiful set of hand assembled and great sounding drums!

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