Drum Chair




Introduction: Drum Chair

I found in my garage a very old drum kit and I decided to build some chairs, a table and maybe a lamp....Here I present you the first work of a (I hope) long series.

Step 1: Clean and Restore

The drum was covered by a blue plastic cover. I am really sorry but I forgot to make a photo. However I just clean the drum and I disassembled it. You will need the specific key to disassemble the upper and lower metallic part....veeeeery easy.

After that, since the wood was really bad looking and used some wood stains....just to have a good looking wood.

Step 2: Lid

To make the lid I used the wood from a pallet. I sterted with the idea to use wood wastes but I must say that the type of wood fits very well. I glued together all the pieces and I cut the square in order to obtain a circle of the same diameter of the drum.

Finally I made a 45 degrees cut on the boundary in order to have something smoother. I will explain better the reason in a moment.

Step 3: Upper Metal Frame

I glue some small pieces of wood 1cm from the top boundary. I made this since I need the metal frame to stay alone (infact usually it is supported by the skin of the drum). The idea is that the wood lid is higher of the frame so that a person lean of the wood part and not the metal one

Step 4: Fin

This is the final result....I used it in this days and it looks like stable. Moreover the idea of the wood part to be the highest one seems to work very well.

Maybe it could be a good idea also make a sort of pillow....maybe something which deal with the "drum style" but I am still thinking about it.

Probably I will show you my idea in the next projects.

That's all folks

Thank you for watching.




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    I'm crying for the beauty of this comment, thank you!

    My husbands in a Metal band and all of our friends are in bands, about 15 or more bands, too many to count. The drummers love this stuff and we're always looking for unique stuff to do for the different band members for birthdays and such. Thank you. This is lovely. \m/


    So you are telling me that in the group of your friends there is a subgroup of drummers-friends....you are basically living my dream!!!!111!!!1!1

    It is a dream...Everyone I know is in a band and there are even teen Metal bands too from the children of all my friends. We do benefits for the community, ie; the local skaters, high school projects called "Guitars Not Guns, Local firefighters, 11 or 12 bands for Spring Fling, 12 bands for Harvest Fest at the Horror Hall Haunted house and a bunch of bands for Halloween at the kiva. It seems like my entire world is music and I love it. If you're ever in New Mexico look us up. We're on facebook. Burning Sunday! God bless


    Thank you so much!!!! Drummer fist (now imagine a fist emoji)