Drum Held


Introduction: Drum Held

Drum held is a project created in the context of the course Mobile & pervasive computing by Raf Ramakers and Angelo Trotta at Hasselt University (2010-2011).

Drum Held creates a whole new dimension of the meaning 'virtual drumming'. It offers great interaction possibilities. The player is able to tune the drums by poring the light over from a light source cup into the drum. When the drum is correctly tuned, the player can play the game!

By hitting the drum cups, the player can produce the tune of the drum and thereby live the real drumming experience!

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    2 Discussions

    Can you please post another video without the music, or with another music, on on another hosting site? The video on Youtube is not available in my country due to copyright reasons...

    Neat! The real drumming experience without the hassle of moving a giant kit.